Dave's Almost Famous Jambalaya

Begin by browning the chicken in a cast iron dutch oven over high heat. Don't put the giblets in yet. Season the chicken with a nice sized punch of Cajun Land and a shake or two of dried parsley. Stir every few minutes. You can put more Cajun Land on once you flip the chicken the first time.While the chicken is browning, cut up the sausage into little half-moon slices. Once the chicken is browned put the lid on the pot, turn down the heat to low and continue to braise until the chicken is fully cooked.

Once chicken is cooked remove it from the pot and allow it to cool on a large plate. It will cool faster if you cut it up a little. While the chicken is cooling begin browning the sausage in the chicken grease, low heat. Once the sausage is browned add the trinity (you can also add extra minced garlic if you want, I usually add about 2 TBS) and cook down. Turn off heat until chicken is cooled/picked.

Pick the chicken from the bone, discard the skin if you want a little less fat, I don't. Break the chicken up into small pieces. Add the chicken to the pot and turn the heat back on, on high. If you have any giblets from the chicken add it raw at this time. Add the water and put the lid on.

Once steam is escaping from the lid (the water is boiling well) add the jambalaya mix and stir. Put the lid back on.

Once you see steam coming out again stir, reduce heat to simmer and put the lid back on. Set timer for 20 minutes.

After the timer goes off check the pot... if there is still a lot of moisture let it simmer some more. You want the rice soft and the water absorbed. Make sure to stir a lot at this point as this is when it tends to stick.

Once the rice is soft and the water is all absorbed the jambalaya is done. Serve with cold beer and hot sauce. Now you know the secret to Dave's Almost Famous Jambalaya... Enjoy!

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