Dave's Famous Tater Salad

Begin by boiling the eggs. While those are boiling, peel and cube the potatoes. Add the potatoes to a large pot and cover with water, add a capful of crab boil. Boil until almost fork tender.
While the eggs and potatoes are boiling, you can start with the rest of the ingredients.
Mince the red onion. I like to use a hand chopper for this, but a food processor works just as well.
Add the onion to a large storage container type of bowl with a lid. You can prepare, serve and store the potato salad right in this bowl.
Now add the mayo, vinegar and seasoning to the bowl with the onions and stir until everything is well mixed.
(Note that the potatoes might be ready before the eggs. If so, wait to add them to the bowl until after you have added the eggs.)
Once the eggs are done boiling, peel and dice them up, then add them to the bowl. Stir until well mixed.
When the potatoes are ready, drain them into a colander but don't rinse. Add the potatoes to the bowl and lightly toss to coat. Sprinkle a little more paprika and Cajun Land on top to make it look nice. Chill or eat it warm. Enjoy!

Yields about 12 servings. Smaller gathering? Divide the ingredients in half, unless you really like it leftover.

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